Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today's definitely a lazy, unproductive day. I can't afford this, since my to do list is about five miles long. It's pretty late right now, but I'm going to try and bust through some work on this Saturday night (where I'd really rather be doing anything else).

Therefore, five things that are motivating (or distracting) me today:

  • Smart Pretty and Awkward: This is an ingenious idea for a blog. Each post has a tip for being smarter, prettier, and for being less awkward. One of the more recent quotes: 
Build a life so uniquely yours that no one can imagine anyone but you living it. Make your choices so intentionally and specifically tailored to your personality and your goals that it is impossible to conceive of anyone but you living the one specific life that you live. Your life should not be interchangeable with anyone else’s–and that’s a good thing because it means you are listening to your own specific heart, mind and values.
           I love that. I hope I can find a way to do so.
  • Trader Joe's $2.99 bottle of wine. Cheap, decent, and a glass of it is a nice treat for finishing up a paper on a weekend night in. 
  • Supermoon: I forgot this was tonight until I saw an article on MSNBC. I'm not sure I'll be able to see it from where I am, but it would be a cool sight. 
  • Realizing I had started (and forgotten) about this blog earlier this year. It was my New Year's resolution to try and write one, since I am an addicted reader to a lot of lifestyle blog these days. If anything, it definitely helped me procrastinate tonight. Here's to more of that!
  • Kentucky Derby Hats: One day, I'll go to this. I'll find an over-the-top, fabulous hat. For now, I'll just sift through the galleries and imagine an outfit I'd wear with each one. 
And one more link- something I found a while ago and I find that I always rediscover it when I need to read it the most. Why Being In Your 20s Is Awesome. Why is it awesome? Well... stay tuned. Read the article. In the meantime, I'll just trust that ten years from now I'll look back on this decade and be happy for the journey. Hopefully.

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